October 3, 2022 Russia and Ukraine news

Elon Musk sparked a backlash on Monday from Ukrainian officials, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, over His unsolicited advice On how to achieve “peace” amid the ongoing Russian invasion of the country.

In a Twitter poll, Musk suggested a path to “Ukrainian-Russian peace” that would include re-holding elections “under UN supervision” in areas of the country that Russia recently illegally annexed. grabbing the landcovering nearly a fifth of Ukraine, were followed by referendums that were widely dismissed as “sham” by most of the world.

The billionaire CEO of Tesla has also proposed making Crimea, a region Russia invaded and annexed from Ukraine in 2014, “an official part of Russia.” He added in points: “The water supply of Crimea is guaranteed” and “Ukraine remains neutral.”

Ukraine and most of the world reject any hint of Russian sovereignty over the areas it has occupied, and Ukraine has vowed to take back its territory.

The majority of respondents on Twitter voted “no” in response to Musk’s poll. In a follow-up tweet, Musk appeared to blame these findings on a “bot attack.”

Musk himself and one of his companies, SpaceX, got involved early in the war in Ukraine, after SpaceX sent Starlink Internet stations, which can run from anywhere with power and a clear view of the sky, to the war-torn country.

But his last musings were not well received by Ukrainian officials, after a months-long war that left untold destruction in the region.

“F-off is a very diplomatic response to you,” Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, Andrei Melnik, wrote in response to Musk’s Twitter thread.

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