North Korea has launched a rocket. Japanese officials are sounding the alarm

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea and the Japanese Coast Guard announced the launch of a test rocket off the east coast. North Korea.

Japanese government It warned civilians to take cover as the missile flew over Japanese territory before hitting the Pacific Ocean. However, Tokyo said it did not use any defensive measures to destroy the missile.

TV Asahi, citing an unnamed government source, is reporting that North Korea may have fired an ICBM into the sea, killing as many as 3,000 people. KM off the coast of Japan.

Rocket launch is the fifth Within 10 days. Last week, the US and South Korea conducted anti-submarine drills with the Japanese navy.

South Korea held its own advanced weapons display on Armed Forces Day on Saturday, including several rocket launchers, ballistic missiles, main battle tanks, drones and F-35 fighter jets.

(Source: Reuters)

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