Nuclear weapons on Russia's border? Stubb supports the idea

Already during his election campaign, Alexander Stubb said that he saw no obstacles to Finland's membership in NATO and that he was ready to allow the transportation of nuclear weapons through the country's borders, although there was no possibility of stockpiling them.

However, on Friday, during his first press conference as president, Stubb said he would support the idea of ​​placing nuclear weapons on Finnish territory if the country's parliament makes appropriate changes to the law. Current law prohibits the placement of these types of weapons on Finnish territory.

– Let me start by saying that in Finland we want a real nuclear deterrent. NATO essentially provides three deterrents through our membership. The first is the military, meaning soldiers, the second is missiles, meaning ammunition, and the third is nuclear deterrence from the United States, Stubb told reporters.

Finland in NATO

In April 2023, Finland became a full member of NATO. After World War II, the country declared military neutrality, refraining from joining the Allies and the Warsaw Pact. After the end of the Cold War, the country maintained its position until Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. In the spring of 2022, Finland applied for NATO membership.

Russia began systematically threatening, suggesting military aggression against Finland. In this tone he spoke, among others: President Vladimir Putin.

Nuclear sharing

The Nuclear Sharing Program is a political concept of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that envisages making nuclear weapons available to non-nuclear-weapon NATO member states. Since 2009, countries such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Turkey have participated in the program.

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