Donald Trump was furious after President Biden's speech

Commentators are convinced: this is the most important speech of Biden's career, and in the face of endless debate about his age, he must prove that he is still fit for the presidency of the United States.

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Donald Trump must be furious with Biden, whom he calls “Sleepy Joe.” In his speech yesterday, the President of the United States did not have any of the slips or lapses of memory that have occurred in his previous speeches.

Yesterday evening, the President of the United States appeared on Capitol Hill, where almost all the senators and representatives of the United States Congress were gathered. Members of Biden's cabinet and First Lady Jill Biden also spoke. The president was given a thunderous ovation from the Democrats.

How did Biden try to upset Trump? First, the current President of the United States has never once called his opponent by name. He referred to him only as “my predecessor”.

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Joe Biden also drew many comparisons to World War II. – In 1941, freedom and democracy were under attack – he said of America's entry into World War II. “Today we're having that kind of moment again,” Biden said, referring to Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

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The US president emphasized the importance of support for Ukraine, which has been blocked by Republicans. – We must oppose Putin. If the US backs out, it's a danger to Ukraine, a danger to Europe. My message is clear: We will not give up. I will not give up, said Biden. The U.S. president went on to address key domestic issues in the election: abortion, the border, the economy, inflation and arms control.

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