NFL players ask why Tagovailoa was just allowed to play

The NFL community was quick to question the Miami Dolphins for letting them leave quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in Thursday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

four days ago, It seemed that Tagovailoa had been hit in the head After he took a big hit against the Buffalo Bills, but was back in that game after a few streaks. After the Bills game, dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said that Tagovailoa hit his back, not his head. The NFL and the NFL Players Association Conduct a joint review To determine if periodic concussion protocols were followed correctly in this case.

Tagovailoa started Thursday’s match against the Bengals but It took another big hit in the late second quarterHe hits his head on the grass and shows obvious signs of concussion. He left the field on a wagon and was taken to Cincinnati Hospital. After the game, the Dolphins said that Tagovailoa would be released to return to South Florida with the team.

Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III retweeted a video of Tagoviloa’s strike against the Bills and said the Dolphins “will have to respond” to their decision to let him start Thursday.

One of the former NFL offensive linemen, Rich Orenburger, recalled the head injuries he suffered during his career, and said he was glad the decision on whether he should return to the field quickly has been removed from his hands.

Griffin also said the team’s job is to protect players from further injuries.

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Ryan Shazier, a former NFL player who suffered from a Spinal paralysis while playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers During a 2017 game in Cincinnati, Tagovailoa said he was in good hands at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Former NFL safety Ryan Clark said he suspected Tagovailoa on Sunday injured more than his back.

New England Patriots quarterback Matthew Godon said Tagovailoa should have been on the sidelines on Thursday.

A number of NFL players, including Arizona Cardinals defensive end J.J. Watt, were more critical of Amazon’s decision to continue showing replays, particularly in the aftermath when Tagovailoa writhed on the floor after taking the hit.

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