Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ stole $200,000 of jewelry

“the crown” Screwed ownership.

Thieves stole props from the popular Netflix series in a nighttime raid near the filming location in Doncaster, England, last week.

About $200.00 of gems, silverware, and antiques were taken. One of the stolen items was a replica of a rare Faberge egg belonging to Queen Elizabeth II’s grandfather, George V, in 1933.

Among the goods were candlesticks, jewellery, a grandfather’s clock, and a birdcage. Police were called to the scene and chased after the thieves.

The royal drama is currently in production for its fifth season, which is set to begin later this year. The 10-episode episodes will be extended 1990 to 1997 It features a new crew taking on the coveted roles of the UK’s royal family.

“The gang managed to get to the trucks,” a source said. the sun yesterday.

“[And] He broke them, opened them, and stripped them of the lot.

“The producers have an incredible look at detail and every ingredient has been meticulously selected. Losing so much is heartbreaking,” the insider added.

Imelda Staunton and other members of the cast are seen on a boat, filming scenes from season five of “The Crown” in Scotland in August.
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Another source said, “This couldn’t have happened at a more frustrating time. Producers are frantically trying to find alternatives. But since so many of them are so unique, it won’t be easy.”

South Yorkshire Police gave more insight into the incident, telling the publication, “It is reported that three cars containing props used in films and television were broken into and a number of items were taken. Officers are being investigated.”

According to the weekly publication, Official Gazette of the Antiques TradeSome of the stolen items include a replica of an 1897 Imperial Coronation Coach egg by Faberge as well as 12 sets of silver candelabra and seven gold candelabra, a clock face for Grandfather William IV’s clock, a quantity of Russian religious symbols, a 10-piece silver dressing table set and Gilded St. Louis Crystal Glassware and decanters.

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Actor Dominic West plays Prince Charles while Elizabeth Debicki plays the role An old version of Princess Diana. Imelda Staunton portraying the aging Queen Elizabeth IIJonathan Pryce will play Prince Philip and Leslie Manville will play Princess Margaret.

“The Crown” stopped production in December after eight crew members Tested positive for COVID-19. They resumed work in January.

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in "the crown" Season 5 lounges and looks glamorous.
Elizabeth Debicki is elegant and melancholy as Princess Diana in The Crown.

It was reported last November that the royal family can do it Netflix sued for its portrayal of the show. Friends of the British monarchy, according to the sunThey were so concerned about how the next season would portray the Queen that they “seeked legal advice”.

“Advice [their friends] The received will also apply to the royal family,” a source claimed to British outlets.

The Sun reports that experts from Queen Elizabeth’s law firms – Farrer & Co and Harbottle & Lewis – have provided legal advice. “While this is not direct legal advice given to the Queen and her family, they have been made aware of this advice,” the source said.

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