Trevor Noah’s sudden departure from The Daily Show appears to be part of the network-wide turmoil

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last week, Trevor Noah shocked the world Announcing that he is leaving daily offer Sometime in the future (he didn’t say when, just that it would happen), and by “shocked the world,” we mean it: The announcement was said to have been news to some members of the show’s crew and even to people at Comedy Central, but according to new The Hollywood Reporter PieceIt is a symbol of some much bigger problems with the network.

Those problems appear to have been exacerbated by the rise of Chris McCarthy, the current CEO of MTV Entertainment Group, who grew up in the ranks of Viacom’s unscripted division and recently decided that Comedy Central shouldn’t make live or scripted comedies…or really, anything. but South Park. THR Notes that it was under McCarthy’s supervision sugar history it was cannedwhich – which south side And the the other two Delivered to HBO Maxand that’s a development deal with Paul W. Downs and Lucia Aniello – who would later co-create HBO Max’s hacks-was canceled.

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THR Industry insiders say McCarthy is either a “smart, thoughtful, upright gamemaker” or a “recluse pill counter” (although we know enough certain words to understand that those are the same thing when we’re talking about CEOs). Also, according to a “still suspicious source,” someone asked McCarthy about his favorite TV show during one of his first group meetings after taking office three years ago, and he “couldn’t think of a single TV show.” Instead, he said he “loved watching CNN”.

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One Agency Partner said. THR McCarthy did not bother to form or maintain relationships with “gifted people or their representatives” and noted that “at least [immediately infamous Warner Bros. Discovery boss] David Zaslav made the tour “before he rips his company apart. The implication seems to be that McCarthy knows exactly what he wants and will just do it, regardless of whether or not anyone else wants it or whether he will actually succeed.

What this means for viewers is that the Comedy Central we used to know and love — the ones that offered fun and relevant original shows rather than just daily offer And the mass replay – maybe she died, maybe she died for a long time. daily offer most likely alive, No matter who ends up taking Noah’s placeAnd the South Park It will always be there, but that’s not much to hang the entire future of the network on.

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