Meeting of Russian and Turkish Presidents in Sochi. “Deep Collaboration”

The presidents also agreed to strengthen bilateral economic exchanges. They found that Their “constructive cooperation” plays an important role in enabling grain exports by sea Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ports in southern Ukraine have been blocked.

First grain ship from Ukraine reaches Turkish port

In a joint statement Erdogan and Putin also insisted on “the full implementation of the Istanbul Agreement.”allowing, inter alia, the unrestricted export of Russian grains, fertilizers and raw materials necessary for their production.”

Leaders have also achieved An agreement to pay part of the payment for Russian gas imports by Turkey in rubles – Reuters reported.

Ukraine: Eight foreign ships have arrived to carry grain

The heads of state emphasized that both countries are committed to fight against terrorist organizations in Syria. Before the meeting with Putin The Turkish president announced that the coordination of the two countries’ operations would “bring relief to the Middle East region”..

Erdogan added Turkey appreciates cooperation with Russia in combating terrorism.

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