Medvedev warns NATO against launching war with Russia

Medvedev, currently the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, said in a telegram: NATO nations are not the only ones arming UkraineBut mercenaries trained to use Western military equipment.

He also expressed concern over the exercises conducted by NATO near Russia’s borders, which, in his opinion, increases the likelihood of a direct confrontation. “Such a conflict always risks turning into a full-blown nuclear war. It will be a catastrophic situation for everyone,” Medvedev said.

The Reuters agency points out that Russia and the United States and their allies are the world’s largest nuclear powers. Russia has about 6,257 nuclear weapons, while the three NATO nations – the United States, the United Kingdom and France – have a total of 6,065 warships.

According to Putin, Russia is at war with the United States in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that “Special military action” In Ukraine, the United States used Ukraine to threaten Russia, and Moscow had to defend the Russian-speaking population against persecution.

Putin presents the invasion of Ukraine as an inevitable confrontation with the United States, which he accuses of interfering in NATO’s sphere of influence by extending it eastward and threatening Russia.

Ukrainian officials say Putin’s arguments are baseless and that Russian forces are committing genocide. Kyiv says the Russian invasion only strengthened the desire of the Ukrainian people to withdraw from Russian orbit to the west.

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