“May Day”. The boat caught fire, leaving about 300 people on board

The yacht was on its way to Italy from Greece when it caught fire. There were about 300 people there. They were evacuated in Coast Guard boats.

Passengers traveling by boat from Greece to Italy enjoyed horrific moments.

Ephraim on a voyage from the Greek port of Igumenitsa in western Macedonia to Italy on the Ionian Sea The ship, carrying 288 people (including 51 crew), caught fire.

The video, provided by the Proto Thema portal, shows the boat covered in flames and smoking on top of it. In the background you can hear “May Day” broadcast through loudspeakers.

No one was injured – as shown by the initial reports.

The Euro-Rome captain told the Olympian passengers to leave the ship. They were all evacuated by boat to the nearby Greek island of Corbu.

“Three patrol boats and three Coast Guard trawlers were dispatched to the scene,” the AFP reported from eyewitnesses.

The cause of the fire is not yet known and an investigation has begun.

According to the first findings, a fire appeared under the sleeper in the garage – probably a truck parked there.

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