Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PS5 launches in September, and a massive advertising campaign is planned

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to update: It looks like the legal department has gotten its hands on actor Tony Todd, after he revealed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 release date and marketing plans. write on TwitterHe said there would be “no more innuendo”, and posted a picture of himself in the pool. “My lips are now under water,” he said.

Original article: Venom voice actor Tony Todd apparently couldn’t care less about the non-disclosure agreement he no doubt signed. write on Twitter, the star has effectively confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to release in September on PS5, with a massive ad campaign planned for the previous month. “Hold on…and wait [your] breath,” he exclaimed. “It will be necessary!”

Obviously, this is not particularly mind-blowing information. The original Marvel’s Spider-Man enjoyed a hugely successful launch in September, and developer Insomniac has already confirmed that the title is on track for a 2023 release. Todd is likely in trouble for this tweet, but he doesn’t reveal anything we couldn’t already deduce.

Of course, just because a September release date is planned internally doesn’t mean the game will make it to it — there are a number of things that could still be changed. But Sony seems to have a month in mind, and we respect Todd for making this information public when he must have signed contracts telling him not to!

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Another thing to note here is that Sony’s revamped PS5 hardware model, with an alleged detachable disc drive, is also due out in September. This means that the company could be planning a pretty hefty month for its latest console, as Spider-Man will no doubt be seriously driving sales this holiday.

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