Many countries do not like Russians. These obstacles will hurt them the most – o2

Russians are not welcome in many European countries after the invasion of Ukraine. Their attitude, support for the decisions of Vladimir Putin and angered the residents of many countries. Both in the West and the former Soviet Union. After all, in former democracies, it is not surprising that people remember what Russians were like.

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Bulgaria has announced that it will not allow cars with Russian license plates into its country. The ban applies to both passenger cars and trucks. This means that the Russians can no longer enter the country as if nothing had happened. Also, Croatia and France supported and introduced the same idea.

Such resistance can be painful But mainly for tourists from Russia.

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A dozen or so months ago, Russians eagerly visited the Golden Sands or Lake Balaton. Today they have no such opportunity. Europe has canceled the network of air connections with the Russian Federation, and you can no longer enter by car. Bulgarians will turn away cars from Russia at the border.

The ban was also intended to affect Russian trucks that were regularly seen before the war On the roads in Europe. Suffice it to say that many of them were also in Poland.

The Czechs and Germans decided to introduce even stricter laws. If the police stop a car from Russia in these countries, they have the right to confiscate it and the owners have no way to avoid severe punishment. Registration plates or ID issued in the Russian Federation are sufficient.

This is a clear signal to the Russians and Europe He sees them after the war breaks out.

Some commentators claim Bulgarians, Czechs, Croats, Germans and French. All European Union countries followed suit and the ban became a community-wide law. However, there are fears that a veto could be cast by Hungarians and Slovaks, who are more loyal to the Russians and avoid criticizing Moscow.

In the meantime, we wait for the Polish authorities to follow the example of their neighbors And would introduce similar sanctions on the Russians.

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