Colors of Happiness, Episode 2735: Patrick and Olive’s Drunken Triangle with a 14-Year-Old Boy! Jezierski will pay for it – photos

“Colors of Happiness” Episode 2735 – Friday, January 13, 2023 at 20.10 on TVP2

In the 2735 episode “Colors of Happiness”, Oliveka, Patrick and Evelina’s night ends with severe headaches and regret. In fact, each of these strange triangles “have something behind their ears.” After Patrick allows a drunken student to faint, 14-year-old Evelina – because she did it, Olivka finally falls asleep “exhausted from too much alcohol. How will this scandal end?

In episode 2735 “Colors of Happiness” the trio wakes up together because a 14-year-old girl drinks too much and has to be taken home. But Olivka and Patrick decide to have fun, so the situation becomes ambiguous. When Evelina asks Jesierski to keep a secret from her parents, Oliveka will tell her that it will end badly.

Patrick’s beautiful girlfriend in the 2735 episode “Colors of Happiness” is probably right, because Patrick ends up “on the carpet” with the director (Marta Juras). This is what the description of the website accompanying the AKPA TV show shows.

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