Macron: If Russia attacks Ukraine, there will be a reaction

“At the same time, we are preparing a common position and response to the aggression,” said the French president. At the same time, he noted that Russia was behaving like an “unbalanced force” and that its efforts to destabilize post-Soviet countries were “intensifying” in Belarus, Moldova and the South Caucasus.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, for his part, promised that Kiev would count on German support, and warned Moscow that any threat to Ukraine’s regional integrity would “cost Russia too much.”

Emmanuel Macron pointed out that Western Europe was “completely united” in its approach to the threat of Russian aggression. At the same time, he stressed the importance of dialogue with Russia because it “helps to clarify the situation and eliminate ambiguities.” Macron called for “do not withdraw” from the conversation with Moscow.

– The discussion with Russia has always been difficult, and since I was involved in it again in 2019, I was able to convince myself of it – he added. “Maintaining communication and conversation channels is important,” he concluded.

A phone conversation with Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin is scheduled for Friday, AFP reported.

The French president and the German president spoke on Tuesday at a joint press conference on Wednesday’s meeting in Normandy format. Elysee Palace summoned political advisers to the Russian and Ukrainian presidents and the German president to Paris on Wednesday, with the Franco-German delegation acting as a mediator.

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