M results for love. The secret shared by Julia and Magda. Will they join forces against Andrews in the last 1665 episode?

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M results for love. The secret shared by Julia and Magda. Will they join forces against Andrews in the last 1665 episode?

Are Julia (Marta Chodorowska) and Magda (Anna Mucha) more common than you think from “M jak miłość”? In the last, 1665 episode, “M jak miłość” they are united by a common secret about which the traitor Budzyński (Krystian Wieczorek) can not find. Malika secretly offers Magda an undeniable chance, and Andrew’s wife agrees to her. The lawyer will retaliate because she will not bear the humiliation given by her boyfriend. Will he find a partner and support only in the betrayed Putinsinka?

“M jak miłość” episode 1665, pre-holiday last – Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

In the 1665 episode of “M Jack Milosk” Julia would not forgive Andrzej for betraying Magda at first, then he forgot everything and wanted to pretend it was not like that. The lawyer is well aware that Putsinska knows nothing about infidelity, which she is now going to use against her boyfriend. Maybe Malika would have forgiven her revenge, but In the 1663 episode of “M jak miłość” she gets so angry that she announces to a man that she is pregnant, and he demands DNA tests and refuses everything.

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In the 1665 episode of “M jak miłość”, Julia got a phone call from Magda and decided to contact her. Meeting your boyfriend’s wife is a bold move. Malika, driven by the pain of rejection, thinks that it is Magda who will help her in this situation. Budzyńska sees her husband’s stranger and stranger behavior, and realizes she’s not coping with anything. Budzyńska slowly adjusted the pieces of the puzzle and realized that it was not just the fatigue caused by work.

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Good morning … this is Julia Malika – Attorney portal quotes the words of wiatseriali.pl. Julia calls Magda, which will surprise her a lot. – Oh good morning. I do not know if you have my number. Budzyńska will be vigilant. – Getting it is not easy … I call for a specific thing … Are you free tonight, can we meet? – The woman listens directly, and Magda realizes that the matter is serious. – But in what? – Budzyńska asked. – This is not a phone call … and I trust your wishes, please do not tell anyone about this yet … So how do you get time? – Julia will say, Magda will not speak. Malika Andrej’s wife wants to keep the secret and hide the meeting from him.

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In the 1665 episode of “M jak miłość” Julie worries about excessive wisdom, which is not surprising, because if Andrzej finds out about his wife and boyfriend’s planned meeting, he will try to prevent it. However, as the women begin to cooperate, no one knows about their plans for their first conversation. “Four eyes”, no one can stop. Budzyński just did not realize how much trouble he was in. His deceptive lies have come to light and there are all indications that he will lose both women.

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Sudden twist on M jak miłość! Together with Magda and Andrews against Julia.

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