War in Ukraine: Heroic defense of Snake Island. “Ukrainian Thermopile”

“The island’s infrastructure was destroyed after the invaders were attacked. According to available information, Snake Island was captured. Provided the first information.

War in Ukraine. 13 Ukrainians protected by snake fire

All Ukrainian border guards were killed under the firing of Black Sea Navy ships after an attack involving the Russian offensive air force.

– On our Snake Island, the boys who defended it “to the end”, the border guards died heroically, but did not give up. Volodymyr Zhelensky said at night that the orders of the hero of Ukraine will be issued after the death of all. The small island was guarded by 13 border guards.

“Ukraine now has its own small thermopile. This is a small (700×600 m) Żmijowa island, unsuitable for Russian military operations. Today it was grounded because the Ukrainian border guards on it did not surrender. Daniel Selikovsky wrote on Twitter.

Snake Island Post. “For a Russian warship, far … off!”

A video has surfaced on social media from the moment the Russians issued a final warning against Ukrainian guards.

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You may hear the following exchange:

  • Russians: This is a Russian warship. Lay down your arms and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary sacrifices. Otherwise you will be bombed.
  • Ukrainians: For a Russian warship, Ford … you!

A post taken on Snake Island shortly before the attack is also on Twitter.

Russia-Ukraine war. At least 137 Ukrainians were killed

The attack on Snake Island was a small part of the whole Russian invasion of Ukraine. According to the Pentagon, the initial phase of the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine is being observed. Russia attacked Ukraine from three directions: from Crimea to the south, from Belarus to the north, and from Belgorod Oblast to the northeast.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has announced that at least 137 of his countrymen have died since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began Thursday night.

“137 heroes, our civilians lost their lives,” Zhelensky said, adding that 316 Ukrainians were wounded in the fighting with the Russian army.

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Source: maritime-expective.com, Onet, PAP

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