M is like love. The Zduńskie twins leave the Zduński family! Will Emilka and Jusia disappear forever?

Zuzia and Emilka disappeared from “M jak miłość”! Kinga and Piotrek say goodbye to their children

In the 1682 episode “M jak miłość”, viewers will see the Zduński family together for the last time before Emilka and Jusia depart. Only misfortunes befall Kinga and Piotrek. They are rarely complete with all that is going on in their family. Lenka’s disappearance from the sanatorium lasted several weeks, and she returned to her family home. The reason for this is the change of actress. Maricia Kulovaka will no longer play Lenka, replaced by Olga Cypinska.. Will it be the same for Emilka and Jusia? It cannot be denied that twins are often cared for by their grandparents, you cannot see them, only someone mentions them. In the 1682 episode “M jak miłość”, Rogowscy will visit their relatives and announce that they will take the children to their place. Kinga and Piotrek will do it better, because well Misiek (Aleksander Bożyk) will cause them a lot of problems and Lenka will make a scandal about not getting into her dream high school.

In the 1682 episode “M jak miłość”, Emilka and Jusia are taken away from the Stunski house by Maricia and Artur.

Marysia (Małgorzata Pieńkowska) and Artur (Robert Moskwa) visit the Zduńskis and immediately notice the chaos reigning in the house.

You didn’t close the door again. Listen, we’re traveling with Artur and thought we’d take the little ones home for a few days, what do you say? – Ask Rogowska to look around the apartment. – Good idea. Who wants to travel? – He will immediately accept Piotrk’s offer, because they will not be able to deal with Lenka and Mishek.

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Zduński’s son would cause trouble at school, then pretend to be sick to avoid responsibility, then confess to his parents that he had entered the teacher’s electronic journal, and in the end he would be so sick and dizzy! On the other hand, Lenka won’t go to her dream high school, which goes to her crush, and this will cause chaos in the Stunskis’ house. Kinga and Piotrek will try to explain to their daughter that this is not the end of the world, but in vain.

Kinga admits to neglecting children! In the 1682 episode “M Jak Milosk”, Stunska will be upset

(…) I tell you that because of the chaos at work, with Magadha, I neglected my children. I have no time for them … – Kinga openly agreed. – No, it was my fault. I promised to take care of the house and children. After all, you can’t leave Magda alone. I gave my body... – says Piotrek, but this does not close the problems of the Zduńskis. The parents forgive Mishek, it turns out that he is in good health, Lenka calms down a bit after not reaching high school, and Jusia and Emilka disappear. It is not known when they will appear again in “M jak miłość”. This is probably not a permanent departure from twins.

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