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Note, the videos in the text contain harsh scenes

Julia Bazhevska, also known as Tyra, recorded her stay in Mariupol. Using the camera in her uniform, she showed the first days of fighting for the city. The film recorded 256 gigabytes of recordings, while Bajajovsky’s band fought valiantly to save the lives of those wounded in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The agency has released shocking records Associated Press.

“How do I treat Russian soldiers? They don’t love us that much. But I can not do anything else.”

In the registered record10 March You can see two Russian soldiers being pulled out of an ambulance by someone wearing a Ukrainian uniform. Someone is in a wheelchair. The other is on his knees, with his hands tied behind his back and his foot visible to the naked eye. Their eyes are covered with winter hats. In addition, they wear white hand straps.

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The Ukrainian soldier curses. Tyra tries to calm him down. A woman asked her, “How do you treat Russians?” – They will not be very good to us. But I can’t do it any other way. They are prisoners of war, Tyra responds.

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War in Ukraine. Record of the besieged Mariupol

Video released by the agency was recorded from February 6 to March 10. This presents the situation with the besieged Mariupol. The city became a symbol of the Russian invasion and opposition to Ukraine. Tyra is shown as a person full of energy, but also sad. It records the death of a child or the treatment of wounded veterans on both sides.

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On February 24, the first day of the war, a nurse reported the building of a Ukrainian soldier. Two days later, she ordered her colleagues to wrap the wounded Russian soldier in a blanket. “Keep it covered because it trembles,” he says in the video. “You take care of me,” says the surprised soldier. She replied: – We treat everyone the same.

That night, the children – brother and sister – were shot and wounded at the checkpoint. Their parents are dead. At the end of the night, the boy died. Tyra leaves his body and cries. “I hate it,” she says. He closes his eyes.

Vladimir Putin was to undergo surgery. “Treatment was successful”

Holding a cigarette in the dark and talking to someone outside, he said, “The boy is gone. The boy is dead. The girl is still alive. Maybe she will survive.”

Throughout the film, Tyra complains that she is somewhat crippled by chronic injuries to her back and hips. Physicians are also included. He makes fun of both discouraged ambulance drivers and patients. He always attaches a soft toy to it UnderwearGive them to all children.

Warning! The video below shows some of the toughest scenes

Journalists picked up items from Mariupol. “The card is hidden in a dumpster”

On March 15, a police officer handed him over Little Data sheet for the Associated Press Press Group documenting the atrocities Like MariupolIncluding the Russian attack on the maternity hospital.

The office contacted Tyra on a walkie-talkie. The volunteer asked journalists to safely remove the card from the city. The card was hidden in a dumpster and the group passed 15 Russian checkpoints before reaching the Ukrainian-controlled area.

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Russian soldiers captured Tyra and her driver on March 16. The local campaign claimed that the volunteer was a nationalist battalion Azov. However, the battalion was not related to the military hospital where he rescued the wounded. On the same day, the Russians launched airstrikes, destroying a theater in Mariupol and killing nearly 600 people.

After Tyra’s abduction, the Russian media released her picture 21 March. The volunteer was accused of trying to escape from the town in disguise. The woman who read the report was stunned and thin. This is the last time I saw Tyra.

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