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85 minutes: Nunez looked sneakily to the naked eye, but Konate’s foot kept him alive. Liverpool Try to stabilize the ship by responding with a target of their own. Salah and Firmino unite between the inner left side to win a corner, with Thiago running from 25 yards. This would have dropped someone’s hat into a glass. This was a traveler too!


83 minutes: … Benfica almost hits Liverpool With a double hit, Nunez takes a shot down the left from 20 yards. It’s heading inland and some are traveling too. Alison does a very good job of getting off and saving with a strong hand. This game has already started!


Goal! Liverpool 3-3 Benfica (Nunez 82); agg 6-4

This is not over yet! Nunez puts the ball in Liverpool Net for the second time, but this time is important! He sprinted from the center, pulled Allison to the edge of his box, and slashed over the guard to the bottom right. VAR is a stealth check, but it’s good, and suddenly the game is up and running!


81 minutes: Mane is trying to find Salah with a cross pass. The ball flies out for a goal kick. Liverpool They played good football tonight, but some work in the final third was missing.


79 minutes: Tsimikas fights down the left and Mane slips into the penalty area. Mane backs away from Salah, who tries to catch Firmino with a padded reverse kick. Firmino has to set his feet, and although he manages to get a shot away, he is weak and closed off.

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77 minutes: Tsimikas wins a lower left corner and takes it himself. Thiago sends a shot through a crowded box, and the ball somehow doesn’t hit anyone and sways unharmed for a goal kick.


75 minutes: Salah rips right into an acre. He made Mane clear in the middle, but his pass inside is damaged and Otamendi is allowed to slip to intercept. It should have been the fourth. Liverpool Wasted some big opportunities tonight, although it doesn’t look expensive.


74 minutes: now it Benfica Fans who give her a lot. Another Benfica target is sure to put the cat among the pigeons.


Goal! Liverpool 3-2 Benfica (Yarmchuk 72); agg 6-3

Benfica has the ball in the net. Yarimchuk is under obvious pressure down the middle, spins around Alison reluctantly to the left, and breaks through. The flag was raised for offside…but the VAR takes a look, and Gomez was playing with him. Game started? of course no?!

Benfica's Roman Yarmashuk revolves around Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson before firing the ball into the net.
Benfica’s Roman Yarmashuk revolves around Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson before firing the ball into the net. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters


70 minutes: Everton is back. You have to act on your own, they are four points away from the landing zone now. Anyway, the guy in question has been knocked over, and needs to once by a coach.


68 minutes: Tsimikas reaches the side line on the left and crosses to Salah on the right. Salah hits a header to Keita, who shoots to the right of the goal. Liverpool Do not consider the mood of advertising.


67 minutes: Diaz leaves to applause while Mane comes. Benfica Replace Taarabt with Joao Mario. Meanwhile, home fans, as their favorite new song about Anfield puts it plainly, are feeling fine.


Goal! Liverpool 3-1 Benfica (Firmino 65); agg 6-2

Free kick 35 yards, left of center. Take Tsimikas, wrap it up Benfica The backline is towards Firmino, who opens his body and sends a side-football whistling into the right side of the net.

Roberto Firmino scores his second and third goal for Liverpool.
Roberto Firmino scores his second and third goal for Liverpool. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images
Roberto Firmino celebrates with Costas Tsimikas after scoring the third goal for Liverpool.
Firmino celebrated with Costas Tsimikas. Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images


63 minutes: Salah hits the ball in the right flank at Grimaldo, who puts the shoulder in the block. For some reason, the referee – who left many out this evening – the waves are playing here, too.


62 minutes: Diaz rolls down the left and tries to stand up for Keita in the middle. He misunderstood the cross. Benfica Clear. Nunez is back.


61 minutes: Nunez glimmers at the billboards, and for a minute, Benfica The number was reduced to ten as play continued in his absence. The doctor comes to check what.


60 minutes: beautiful flowing Liverpool Transfer. Thiago sprays widely for Salah, who feeds Gomez on Interfering. Gomez backs off Keita, whose low shot goes to Firmino. Trying to reverse click doesn’t work. Benfica is clear.


59 minutes: Nunez tries Van Bastensk’s shot from a wide position on the left. no. The ball floats softly in Alison’s arms.


57 minutes: This help is Jota’s last act of the evening. It’s one of the three Liverpool the changes. Henderson and Milner are also leaving. Fabinho, Thiago and Salah come.


Goal! Liverpool 2-1 Benfica (Firmino 55); agg 5-2

Keita stormed the space down the middle. He feeds Diaz, who must break into the box and score. He takes a heavy touch and knocks out Flashodemus to choke. He must claim, but the ball knocks off his feet. Vertonghen, facing his own goal, directs a panicked ball into the goal Liverpool the left. Gotta sends her straight inside, and Firmino taps the house. What a fiasco from Benfica’s point of view!

Roberto Firmino, Liverpool player, scores his second goal.
Roberto Firmino, Liverpool player, scores his second goal. Photo: Jason Kerndof/Action Images/Reuters
Liverpool's Roberto Firmino celebrates scoring his second goal with Luis Diaz.
Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino celebrates scoring his second goal with Luis Diaz. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters


51 minutes: Diaz and Firmino grabbed a loose ball on the edge of the penalty area, Benfica. They both manipulate him. Neither of them can completely control it. In the end, Firmino took a hit, only to have his effort hit the back of Diaz. Liverpool They don’t quite click right now.


49 minutes: Yarchuk rabbits after a long pass down the right. Allison is forced to race from the penalty area to clear Plotter. Anfield is very quiet now. A two-goal lead is never enough, as Real Madrid almost found out last night.


Liverpool starts the second half. They kick toward Kop in the second half, which will please the superstitious among their fandom. Benfica made a change: striker Roman Yarimchuk replaced Diogo Goncalves.


First Half: Liverpool 1-1 Benfica (Total: 4-2)

There is enough time for Goncalves to dig from a distance. It’s easy for Alisson, to raise the flag for offside anyway, and that’s the end of a very entertaining first half. Liverpool They still dominate this tie, but Benfica is far from finished.


45 min +2: Diaz’s dribbles fall from the left. The ball explodes to Henderson, who rolls in Gomez’s direction, and flows in from the right. It’s a fake version of the Pele/Carlos Alberto dynamic in the 1970 World Cup Final. Gomez connects well, but his shot flies straight to Flashodemos.


45 min +1: The first three additional minutes in the first half pass without incident.


45 minutes: Keita has another chance from a distance. This effort is much better, as the daisy cutter was sent down the right from 25 yards. It wrinkles widely from the post at the end. Had it stayed on the right streak, the guard wouldn’t have been able to reach it.


44 minutes: Now it’s Benfica’s turn to beat them with confidence. Liverpool They don’t quite cling, but they wouldn’t be unhappy to hear the first half whistle, I’ll be bound.


42 minutes: Liverpool Try to calm everyone down with a bit of futile possession in midfield. Whether they calmed anyone in the tarmac is a moot point, but they kept Benfica two minutes apart.


40 minutes: The goal, which was quickly followed by that rejected opportunity, gave him Benfica More faith. Anfield suddenly became a more contemplative place. Meanwhile, here’s Mark Lloyd: “Having Darwin among Benfica’s ranks leads me to think that if Divock hadn’t called his autobiography ‘On Origi Species’ it would be a tragic oversight.”


38 minutes: Big chance go begging Liverpool. Milner’s long ball in the middle found Firmino clear. Vlachodimos in no man’s land. Firmino thinks of a knockout, but instead squares for Diaz, who’s forming to push home from six yards…only for Grimaldo to slip out of nowhere and pull the ball off his toe! Diaz jumps in helpless frustration. The resulting corner comes with nothing.


37 minutes: Keita is trying to score from 35 yards! Full marks for ambition, although the ball is currently flying over Stanley Park.


35 minutes: The ball actually got off Milner while she was playing it…and it was Ramos anyway. There is nothing wrong with this goal at all. Liverpool They would get upset with themselves, even though that came out of nowhere.

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