Lithuania said “Stop”. This blocks a portion of the traffic going to Kaliningrad

Said the governor in Kaliningrad The Lithuanian government has decided to block rail traffic across the border to a significant number of goods covered by Western sanctions., Including. Construction Materials, Cement and Steel Materials.

Translated by Alikanov

Anton Alikhanov, quoted by Reuters, explained that the siege, which began at midnight on Friday and Saturday, would restrict supplies by about 40-50 percent. Goods transported by train from Russia to Kaliningrad.

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– We consider this movement to be a gross violation of the right to free transportation from and to Kaliningrad region Alikhanov also demanded that the siege be lifted. Reuters could not be reached for comment.

The Kaliningrad area was cut off

Kaliningrad Oblast is a Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania and the Baltic Sea. The region does not have a one-kilometer land border with other parts of the Russian Federation. Once the shipment of certain goods through Lithuania is banned, the only way to deliver them will be by sea. Lithuania closed the airspace for Russian engines in February.

The Baltic Fleet is stationed in ports in Oblast, while there are Iskander missiles capable of carrying significant conventional forces and nuclear weapons on land.

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