An 18-year-old man from Australia overtook his brother’s car and crashed into a tree

The drama took place on Tuesday, September 12 in New South Wales, Australia. It was around 7.40pm when Ford driver Daniel Moffitt began to overtake another car. During this manoeuvre, he lost control of his vehicle and crashed full force into a roadside tree.

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Kate Lee Parker died at the scene and her partner died in the ambulance en route to Albury Base Hospital.

It turns out Daniel’s twin brother Bryce was behind the wheel of the overtaking car. He was not seriously injured, was released after first aid treatment at the hospital and is cooperating with the police to determine the cause of the accident.

The disaster shocked the city

Local authority Shaun Whitechurch said the disaster was devastating and “shocked” the town.

“When an event like this happens, it affects everyone. “It’s not just these kids, certainly at the school level and at this age, death isn’t something they deal with every day, they’re friends, so it’s going to be tough,” Whitechurch said.

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Murray Highway Patrol and Traffic Inspector Scott Trevella said the investigation is in its early stages.

“The investigation we are conducting in this case looks at all factors such as whether the drivers were driving safely, whether they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, whether speed was a factor,” the official was quoted as saying by corowafreepress.

Under the tree hit by the car, the townspeople placed flowers and lit candles.


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