Lavrov, Stalin's great-grandson, was appointed by the UN

“As a descendant of Generalissimo Joseph V. Stalin, I, along with Lana Barshina (historian and biographer of the Stalin family) make a request to S. Lavrov,” read the letter published by Russian media.

Benzaud observes the workings of the United Nations and argues that officials and diplomats have “failed in their duties”.

“The UN has demonstrated its incompetence in preventing the genocide of individual peoples and nations, allowing the destruction of Russians in the Donbass and a policy of double standards in the Gaza Strip,” he argues.

To Stalin's great-grandson Lavrov, the UN

His press secretary Vadim Korshankin told RIA Novosti that the United Nations was created on June 26, 1945 with Stalin's direct participation “to peacefully resolve geopolitical conflicts and prevent the Third World War.”

– Now the organization has lost confidence, therefore, according to Stalin's great-grandson, the Russian Foreign Ministry should raise the issue of restructuring and/or dissolving the UN. It is also necessary to move the UN headquarters to Moscow or Yalta, where the geopolitical fate of the entire world was decided during the conference of victorious nations, said Korshankin.

In his opinion, it is necessary to change the headquarters of the organization, because “currently, American diplomats use the visa regime and other tools to pressure, the Russian delegation loses the opportunity to participate in the UN sessions in New York.”

Awaiting Security Council reform

The most important body of the UN is the Security Council. It consists of five permanent members (China, France, Russia, United States, Great Britain) who have veto power and ten non-permanent members elected for 2 years. The Council adopts resolutions with a majority of 9 votes out of 15 members.

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Reform of the UN Security Council has been under consideration since 1993, but no decision has yet been reached. Some member states are demanding an expansion of the Council, but there is still disagreement over the number of new members, their status (permanent or non-permanent) and their veto rights.

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