Kurzajevsky’s sister in danger. Her daily life is like this

Katarzyna Sykobek And Maciej Kurzajewski On October 7, 2022, they officially announced that they were a couple. Thus, they dispelled the rumors that had been circulating for a long time about their love. She helped them with this Paulina Smaszcz, who revealed that they went to Israel together. Maciej’s sister, Małgorzata Kurzajewska-Zarinah, who lives in Israel, put an end to the month-long argument. As a result of recent events in the area, she does not feel safe. Will he decide to return to Poland?

Małgorzata Kurzajewska-Zarinah lives in Israel because she works as a tour guide. In an interview with “ShowNews”, he revealed what he plans to do in the current situation.

“Here in Israel we have always lived in fear, we suppressed it, this attitude is our weapon. Now if someone calls us, instead of panic, we hear good energy (…) My husband and I are still helping Poland. Evacuate (…) We work like an information point. We do (…) For now, we are safe and sound, I am in daily contact with my mother and sister, I talk to Maciek and Kasia, I like them very much. In difficult times, even when separated by distance, we are always together” – said Maciej’s sister.

Given the current situation, does Kurzajevsky’s sister want to flee to safety? Turns out… no. It is worth adding that Małgorzata Kurzajewska-Zarinah’s residence requires a special room made of reinforced concrete, steel doors and, optionally, special impact-resistant windows (or lack thereof).

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It’s risky, but my husband and I are where we are (…) Like most people There is a special windowless room in the house and we stay thereWhen there is a threat. “Some go to shelters or basements,” Kurzajewska-Zarina admitted.

Maciej Kurzajewski’s sister first appeared in the media in November 2022, showing support for her brother after joint photos from a trip to Israel revealed the truth about the relationship between Kurzajewski and Katarzyna Cichopek. Smaszcz later accused her ex-husband of hypocrisy, among other things. Małgorzata Kurzajewska-Zarinah then posted the post:

“I know my brother, he has his good and his bad. These times are hard for a man. This Paulina’s mythomania festival affects Masek, children and our family. Contrary to popular opinion, we know the truth about Paulina. We participate in this struggle out of respect for the mother of our nephews and grandchildren. We won’t.

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