Kim Kardashian fans ‘fear for her life’ after ‘horrific threats’ from Kanye West towards Pete Davidson in a sinister feud

Fans of Kim Kardashian have been left ‘fearing for her life’ after Kanye West’s shocking threats against Pete Davidson.

In the past few weeks, the rapper called her boyfriend House a “d** kehd”, threatened to “hit him a**” They declared “war” on him.


Kim Kardashian fans ‘afraid for her life’ after Kanye West’s shocking threats against Pete DavidsonCredit: E!
In the past few weeks, Kanye called Kim's friend Pete a 'd**khead' and threatened to 'beat off a**


In the past few weeks, Kanye called Kim’s friend Pete a ‘d**khead’ and threatened to ‘beat off a**credit: Getty
Tell Kanye Pete it


Kanye told Pete he’ll “never meet” the kids he shares with KimCredit: Getty Images – Getty

On Monday, Kanye leaked texts from Kim41 years old, which is I begged him to stop creating danger.

Skims fans are now urging her to issue a restraining order or beef up her security in the wake of kanyeUnruly noisy.

One concerned fan tweeted, “Kanye should actually be taken somewhere. I fear for Kim’s life and the kids, from someone who has lived dealing with someone like Kanye.”

Another added, “She needs a restraining order. It’s over that limit now.”

A third newspaper wrote, “Kim would be better if this security was really enhanced. This situation is terrifying, even more terrifying because it is not taken seriously by the general public.”

Another noted: “It’s worse when a man has an army of psychic admirers ready to do his thing if necessary.”

On Monday evening, Kanye, 44, leaked texts purportedly from Kim describing his actions as “scary” and sharing her concerns that Pete, 28, might be hurt by his behavior.

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The script read: “You are creating a dangerous and intimidating environment and someone will hurt Pete and it will be all your fault.”

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Moments later, Kanye shared another alleged text conversation with his ex, in which she thanked him for taking her request seriously.

“Well, thank you,” she wrote. “There are dangerous people out there and it’s scary and it doesn’t have to be.”

yes screaming

The father of four replied, “I will do everything in my power to protect you and our family forever.

“I listened to you and told everyone to make sure nothing physical happened to Skeet.”

The rapper posted a screenshot from the movie Baby Boy in which one actor puts the other in a headscarf, and captioned the still image: “At my wife’s request, please do not do anything physically to handle the situation myself.”

Kanye described Kim as the actor who was in lock-up.

An hour later, he posted more leaked messages that revealed Kim’s annoyance at publicly sharing their private texts.

“Why can’t you keep any of our conversations private??” The message he claimed was from Kim he read.

Kanye responded “Because I got it from my favorite character in the world. I’m your number one fan. Why don’t I tell everyone,” Kanye replied.

bad feud

Over the weekend, Kanye The house of a “d**kud” is called insist on Saturday Night Live The “never meet” star has the four children he shares with Kim.

They are the Fathers of the North, eight, Saint, six, Chicago, four, and Psalm, two.

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kanye swipe home While posting a picture of him and Kim on a date together last month.

Alongside the shot, he wrote: “Look at this D**KHEAD.

“I wonder if Instagram GONNA shut down my page due to my ex-boyfriend HILARY CLINTON’s breakup.”

The last line seems to refer to a joke that Pete and Hilary had together after they were spotted randomly.

ruined family

Kanye too Pete was accused of “destroying” his family with Kim.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, he wrote: “For every married person, keep your wife close, make sure they know how much you love and appreciate them because there is a spectacle lurking every time ** Valley waiting to help you tear down. About Calvin Klein Around your kids “.

kanye He was referring to a house as “Skeet.” In his last posts he attacks the comedian.

“I wish my wife was with me and our kids sitting on the 50-yard line,” he continued.

Last month, Kanye threatened to “hit” Pete on Eazy, his new single with The Game.

He sings: “God saved me from the accident, just so I could defeat Pete Davidson a**.

Kim begged Kanye to stop attacking Pete on social media in leaked texts


Kim begged Kanye to stop attacking Pete on social media in leaked textsCredit: Instagram / Kanye West
He has a long-running feud with the SNL comedian


He has a long-running feud with the SNL comedianCredit: Instagram

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