Joseph Borrell warns Europe. Words were spoken about Poland

As the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Joseph Borrell, has said, Russia, which has returned to an imperialist view of the world, is now the biggest existential threat to European countries. During his speech at the University of Oxford, Borrell said Europeans should be aware that the Russian army could soon arrive on Poland’s borders.

– Vladimir Putin poses an existential threat to us all today. If Russia wins in Ukraine, it won’t stop there. As with Russian troops on Poland’s borders and in Belarus, where Russia controls 44 percent of the world grain market, the prospect of a puppet government in Kiev is something Europeans should be aware of — the EU commissioner.

A paradigm shift

The EU diplomatic chief noted that the international system created after the Cold War no longer exists. America has lost its hegemonic position and hence the order created after 1945 is losing its foundation. In such conditions there is a real danger that Europe will perish today, which is why Europeans must act immediately, Borrell said.

– First, we must clearly assess the threat from Russia. Russia is considered the biggest existential threat to Europe. Not everyone in the Council of Europe agrees, but most support this view. Russia poses an existential threat to us and we must keep our eyes open to assess this risk, the politician stressed.

Borrell emphasized that Europe has developed a model of mutual relations based on cooperation and mutual economic dependence. It was a huge success and helped secure 70 years of peace between European nations

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– Europeans believed that such interdependence would lead to political changes in Russia and even China. However, he insisted that such belief was false and that no such changes had taken place.

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