Waited for hours for luggage. They filmed the chaos at the airport. There were suitcases everywhere

Queues, strikes, staff shortages, long waits for transfers, delays or canceled flights – that’s all Some of the problems faced by travelers in recent weeks at airports across Europe.

At London Heathrow Airport on Friday, passengers traveling from Terminal 2 heard it They cannot travel with their luggage. The reason is a failure in the luggage system. Chaos and technical glitches left passengers waiting for hours to pick up their suitcases.

Passengers complained on social media that they waited for hours to collect their luggage. One of the passengers, Stuart Tempster, shared photos of thousands of suitcases waiting for their owners, trying to find his own in the hundreds of bags that filled the sidewalk outside the terminal.

“Two hours delay in retrieving T2 luggage at Heathrow Airport,” he tweeted, joking that “my suitcase is black (I think).”

Deborah Haynes, a Sky News reporter who flew to Heathrow on Friday night and witnessed the commotion, said: “When I went outside, I saw a large suitcase full of suitcases on the sidewalk.

“I have never seen anything like that,” he commented.

– Airport staff saw They tried to paste the suitcases next to the posts with the letters of the alphabet – Maybe it should match the name of the owner of each bag. It seemed like a difficult task – the journalist added.

The airport said the malfunction had already been rectified.

– On Friday, a technical problem with the luggage system at Terminal 2 was resolved, a spokesman for Heathrow Airport assured and stressed by airport staff. They are engaged in the task of delivering luggage to passengers who need to fly out without a suitcase.

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– We work closely with airlines to deliver their luggage to passengers as soon as possible – an airport spokesman stressed.

Source: BBC, Daily Mail


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