John Oliver calls Eurovision’s Windows95man his hero

John Oliver took the first part of Last week tonight To talk about the Eurovision Song Contest and highlight the act from Finland, known as Windows95man.

The HBO late-night host said the Finnish participant was his “all-time favorite,” as he appeared on stage singing “No Rules!” Written by Henri Pispanen, Jussi Ruen and Timo Kestiri.

Windows95man was seen on stage emerging from an egg-shaped container wrapped in denim while wearing only a Windows95 t-shirt and hat.

“Fourteen thousand out of ten,” Oliver said after a clip of Windows95man’s performance.

He continued: “A man with flowing blonde locks and skewed glasses, hatching from a jeans egg? “It’s like Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, but better this time.”

Windows95man performed without shorts, and as he made his way around the stage, he was strategically covered up. His denim shorts finally popped out the top and a spectacle of sparks flew as he twirled.

Oliver said Windows95man’s performance was “an extended segment of Austin Powers.” The comedian stated that the artist was ranked last by the judges, but it was the audience who voted by a large margin which led to his victory in the end.

“The people of Finland are natural ski jumpers, saunas, and know the stars when they see them,” Oliver added.

He finished by saying: “Fuck all other music, it’s dead to me now. I don’t know if it won Eurovision or not, but in the words of a great poet… ‘I don’t care what’s right or wrong, the way I live my life “And that’s my hero right there.”

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Switzerland won the Eurovision contest held in Malmö, Sweden. Nemo received 591 points for his song “The Code,” ahead of Croatia, which ranked second, and Ukraine, which ranked third.

Watch Window95man’s performance in the video below.

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