Perry apologizes for Keanu’s comments

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A few days ago, former “Friends” star Matthew Perry made headlines for some of the baffling comments he made about Keanu Reeves in his upcoming memoir.

Currently, EW Reports suggest that Perry is retracting those comments in a public apology for parts of his memoirs that appear to discredit Reeves – a man he has never worked with and who has no apparent direct connection to Perry.

In a statement to PeoplePerry says he chose Reeves’ name at random, and has no problem with the actor:

“I’m actually a huge Keanu fan. I picked a random name, my fault. I apologize. I should have used my name instead.”

Perry is reported to have referred to Reeves twice in his memoirs, with quotes referring to the deaths of River Phoenix and Chris Farley and lamenting their deaths while “jokingly” wondering why Keanu Reeves’ life continues.

Perry was highlighting late actors who struggled with addiction, as Perry had done all his life, while not thinking about Reeves’ tragic background and his close relationship with Phoenix. At best, the comments come off as unnecessarily vengeful and made with poor judgment.

The magazine reported that Reeves did not respond to the comments.

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