Israel’s new weapon. She moved for the first time

Israel also deployed Sa’ar 6-class missile corvettes for the first time, one of the most modern ships the local military has in its arsenal. We present the most important features and weapons of these units.

Israel has only three missiles of this type (it is still awaiting a fourth). The first became operational in 2020 and the last in April this year. The hulls are custom made in Germany. However, Israeli companies are involved in the assembly of electronic equipment and weapons.

Israel operates Sa’ar 6 missile corvettes

A post appearing on social media captured the moment of shelling in the Gaza Strip.

Israel has not disclosed what weapons were used to strike targets in the Gaza Strip. The short statement said only that these were “different types of weapon systems”. The Sa’ar 6-class missile corvettes actually have an extensive arsenal. They are one of the best equipped units of this type in the world.

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Arsenal of Israeli ships

On board are, among others: a 76 mm Otto Melara naval gun with a rate of fire of 120 rounds per minute, 25 mm Rafale Typhoon cannon systems, Barak 8 missile launchers, a Harpoon anti-ship missile launcher and .324 caliber torpedo launchers.

Mateusz Tomczak, Virtualna Polska journalist

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