Israeli Army: We are expanding operations to the rest of the Gaza Strip

“We are carrying out operations in the Zejtun district of Gaza City and the town of Jabaliya, located in the northern part of the zone,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said on Saturday. As it emphasized, “the target of this operation is Hamas terrorists and infrastructure.”

During the Zejtun and Jabaliya operations, Israeli troops “countered terrorists who deliberately operated from civilian areas and attacked soldiers using anti-tank missiles and explosives,” the Israeli military announced.

“During these clashes, a large number of terrorists were killed and soldiers attacked several terrorist infrastructure facilities, including underground,” the statement said.

Attack on school in Gaza Strip. “investigating”

Earlier on Saturday, the Hamas-controlled Gaza health ministry said at least 50 people had been killed in an Israeli bombardment of al-Faqur school in Jabalia – a UN site currently serving as a shelter for displaced people.

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The BBC describes the recording, which has been verified as having been made at the school. It shows more than 20 people, including women and children, lying on the ground injured or immobilized. Half of them are in the room showing signs of significant damage.

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Israel Defense Forces spokesman Peter Lerner told the BBC the army was investigating “unconfirmed reports of an explosion at the school”. He asserted that in the Gaza Strip, terrorists lurk in tunnels and use civilian and humanitarian areas to attack soldiers from hospitals, schools and mosques.

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