Foreign Brigade in action. This is an attack on the Russians – o2

The Ukrainians did not give up on Vladimir Putin’s struggle against the military. The criminal invasion of the Russian Federation lasted 93 days. The country’s defenders effectively resist the invaders, and thanks to this, the fighting will last longer than the invaders thought. The front video recordings that appear on social media every day are a testament to Ukrainian heroism.

In one of the latest recordings, players have shown what a stealth attack can look like. Thanks to the recorded material, internet users can see what a real fight looks like on the front. Ukrainian guards are lurking in the jungle, after entering the bushes, fired missiles, through which they wanted to destroy Russian BTR-80 armored carriers carriers. Interestingly, the authors of the post are from the Foreign Force. You can hear them speak English in the video.

Stealth attacks have intended consequences for the Ukrainian military. In the 93 days since the invasion, the homeland’s security forces have already killed 29,750 Vladimir Putin soldiers, according to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry. Troops of the Russian Federation also suffered heavy losses in equipment. Since February 24, they have lost 206 aircraft, 1,322 tanks, 3,246 cars, 2,226 trucks and tanks, among others. These figures are growing every day.

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