Israel. Airstrikes against the Palestinian Authority. People have nowhere to go

Palestinians living with Border blockade with Israel Received on their phone A message from the Israeli army asking them to leave their homes.

We have nowhere to go“- Ahmed Abu Amra, a Palestinian father of three who lives near the border, told Al Jazeera.

“Like the border area, our house is under the threat of bombing. Worst thing ever I found myself on the street with my children And other neighbors, who don’t know where to go. The area along the border resembles a war zone. We have no transport facilities to go anywhere,” he added.

Al Jazeera writes that Ahmed’s brother Khalid, who was forced to flee their homes, sought refuge in schools hoping Israel would not bomb the buildings.

Massive air strikes

On Sunday afternoon, the Israeli military announced the operation Massive airstrikes on Palestinian Authority targets, Hamas fighters must be lurking there.

“The Israeli Defense Forces will continue to operate against Hamas is a terrorist organization“- the Israeli military said in a statement. The military announced that “hundreds” of militants were killed following the attacks, but Palestinian officials have yet to confirm this information.

In one of the raids in the Palestinian Authority town of Khan Yunus 22 members of the same family died.

Seven children were among the dead. “Citizen rescue teams are still trying to save six family members trapped under the rubble of the damaged house,” reports Al Jazeera’s correspondent.

The number of casualties on both sides is increasing in the conflict

CNN, however, quoted Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Termer as saying in a statement to the station on Sunday that “Probably hundreds more will be affected“.

The Palestinian Authority says 370 people have died so far by your side; As the Israeli military carried out a massive airstrike in the Gaza Strip on Sunday afternoon and reported the death of several hundred Hamas fighters, many of them probably; However, the Palestinians are yet to confirm these reports.

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