Israel agrees to the US “bridging proposal” regarding the exchange of prisoners and hostages and awaits Hamas’ response, according to a CNN analyst.

Carlos Garcia Rollins – Reuters

Demonstrators call for the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas during a protest in Tel Aviv on March 17, 2024.


Israel has agreed to a US “rough proposal” on how many Palestinian prisoners would be released for each hostage held by Hamas, CNN analyst Barak Ravid said. He said on Saturday the 10thQuoting an unnamed senior Israeli official.

Israel agreed to the proposal presented by CIA Director Bill Burns, according to Rapid. Burns was in Doha, Qatar, where Hamas and Israel are holding talks through mediators.

Rapid said that the delegations are now waiting for Hamas' response.

A diplomatic source familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN the accuracy of the information, but said that there are still outstanding issues, including the entry of aid and the “Israeli military repositioning” in Gaza.

CNN reached out to Israeli and Hamas officials about the status of the talks.

It is unclear what changes have been made to the number of Palestinian prisoners. The latest proposal presented by Hamas this month calls for the release of between 700 and 1,000 Palestinian prisoners. Israel at that time Describe the demands As “ridiculous” and “ridiculous”.

It is expected that the agreement, if it occurs, will have multiple stages. In the first phase, Hamas proposed releasing women hostages – including Israeli soldiers – the elderly, the sick and the wounded. This number is believed to be about 40 out of about 100 hostages still alive.

Mossad Director David Barnea, along with a high-level Israeli security delegation, visited Doha twice this week for talks.

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