Ireland. Court rejects Polish woman's claim for accident compensation The reason is the photo with the Christmas tree

An Irish court rejected a Polish woman's claim for PLN 760,000. Euro compensation for injuries she suffered as a result of a car accident – The Independent reports. The court made its decision after a photo came to light showing a Polish woman participating in a Christmas tree throwing competition, the portal reported.

According to the Independent, on February 3, 2017, the 36-year-old was involved in a car accident in which he suffered serious back and neck injuries. She said the injuries were so severe that they prevented her from working, playing with her two children and leading a normal life for more than five years. Therefore, the Polish woman demanded PLN 760,000 from the insurance company. Euro, that is almost PLN 3.3 million. According to the Independent, the Supreme Court in Limerick, Ireland, dismissed her case due to the fact that a photo appeared in the local press in 2018 and was included in evidence showing a woman throwing a 1.5 meter tree.

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Irish court dismisses Polish woman's lawsuit over photo

– This is a very large, natural Christmas tree, which she blows with a very active movement – the judge, quoted by the portal. — I am afraid there is no alternative but to say that these claims are grossly exaggerated. Based on this, I propose to dismiss this case. According to the website, the judge had other evidence about the Polish woman's physical activity when she said she had serious health problems. One of the sources is a video recording of the 36-year-old training his dog in a park in November 2023. The portal reports that the 36-year-old has denied claims that he faked the injuries. He told the court he was “trying to lead a normal life”.

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