Media: Kremlin cancels Victory Day parades “There are no tanks in Russia”

Parades planned for the next anniversary of the end of World War II have been canceled due to, among other things, the border with Ukraine. Kursk and Belgorod regions.

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Victory Day celebrations in Russian-occupied territory were also cancelled Crimea.

“The Dark Truth”

According to the Portal of Analytics Center Atlantic CouncilThe official reason for canceling the celebrations was security concerns over the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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However, many commentators speculate this Moscow is running out of tanks And for understandable reasons It prefers to avoid emphasizing the scale of losses suffered by the Russian military in UkrainePeter Dickinson, editor of the Atlantic Council’s Ukraine Alert website, writes.

“Whether the real reason is security issues or lack of equipment, the decision to cancel the Victory Day parades this year has been made A painful blow to Vladimir PutinIt shows the grim reality behind optimistic propaganda depictions of the war in Ukraine.

Victory Day

It was a victory day The most important holiday in RussiaClosely associated with Putin, he has throughout his rule made the experience of World War II central to efforts to rebuild Russian national pride after the humiliations of the 1990s.

Victory over Nazi Germany in contemporary Russian politics. Putin’s opponents are fascists, Ukrainian officials are Nazis, and Russia is projecting the invasion of Ukraine as a continuation of the struggle against Adolf Hitler.

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“The significance of Victory Day for national identity in Putin’s Russia and the holiday’s close ties to the war in Ukraine make it so. This year’s parade cancellation is particularly embarrassing. Other public celebrations may have been postponed or canceled without much fanfare, but the absence of Victory Day celebrations indicates Serious issues that are difficult to hide even in Russia’s tightly controlled information environment” – we read in an article on the Atlantic Council website.

However, Kremlin propagandists maintain that the invasion of Ukraine is proceeding as planned “The apparent inability of the authorities to guarantee security in Russia during this very important national holiday would suggest otherwise.” – The author mentions.

“Weakening Regime”

The main parade in Moscow will go ahead as planned, but it will be even harder for Putin to try to hit the right note in this year’s Victory Day speech.

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“Throughout the Putin era, Victory Day helped demonstrate Russia’s resurgent strength, but This year’s holiday may be a sign of his regime’s growing weakness” – we read.


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