India, Uttar Pradesh: He killed his sister and her partner. He disapproved of their relationship

The crime took place in Kanpur – The largest city in the state Uttar Pradesh In North India.

One of the citizens of this country He could not accept his teenage sister’s relationship. So he decided – perhaps in an honor killing – to cut him down A 16-year-old and her 25-year-old boyfriend’s throat.

The man reported the murder to the police shortly after the murder. There was a bloody knife in his hand. The uniforms stopped him immediately.

Dean Shivani went missing from his house on Saturday night. Family members – including Neetu’s brother – started searching for her. It turns out that the girl met her boyfriend in an abandoned building in the suburbs. They were caught in an unsuspected situation. The man and other relatives attacked the lovers with sticks. The young man fainted.

Then, with the help of loved ones, Neetu moved them to another place and killed them. The murder weapon is a sharp knife. A couple were found with their necks slit. The bodies were dumped in a nearby ravine. They were found based on clues from the suspect.

The killer and his family members who assisted in the murder will be tried.

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