England: A 93-year-old woman with a broken hip waited 25 hours for help

The accused’s son confessed The nursing home staff behaved “excellently”. “They put her on a pillow as a pillow, turned on the heater to keep her warm, and gave her a chance to defecate,” he told the media, adding that after hours of waiting for medical help, he and his wife finally had to get up for work in the morning and go home.

Nursing home staff stayed with the woman overnight while she performed Nine calls to the hospital. “Every time the workers asked for an ambulance, they were told it was a ‘priority’ and that Ambulance will come soon” – Write British media.

The ambulance almost arrived. Sunday 13:15 – More than 25 hours after falling out of bed. “I don’t blame the paramedics because they are only following the dispatcher’s orders Mother is not included in the list” said Ian. “Still, I was very nervous, which was unacceptable,” he added.

After being rushed to the hospital, just when it seemed like the situation was coming to an end, it changed The woman had to wait another 12 hours to be admitted to the ward.

“The pressure we face in winter and the systemic pressures that characterize this time of year have made it difficult The NHS has limited responsiveness.” Welsh Ambulance Service chairman Stephen Shelton said he apologized to the 93-year-old and his family. They will take care of them personally.

The British media emphasize that the National Health Service (NHS – Great Britain’s National Health Service – Editorial Note) is currently struggling with many problems, and one of the most important is Shortage of paramedics, doctors and nurses, What has been coming Low salary.

In addition, staff from the Welsh branch of the NHS announced a pre-Christmas strikeThis will further complicate the work of local health services. The NHS board has insisted that patients will be advised to keep in touch with their doctors in the coming days. They made sure they had the medicines they needed That they will take care Provide “alternate means of transportation” if they need emergency medical care at the hospital.

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