“I have no doubt”. There were words about the collapse of Russia

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Paweł Kowal: Russia will break up

The guest of one of the episodes is Pavel Kovala – politician, political scientist, government representative for the reconstruction of Ukraine. – I have no doubt that we are already observing the process of disintegration of Russia, which will break away from it, e.g. In the Caucasus, some states will be created – he argued in February 2024, “Putin does. Not “eternal”.

– After the collapse of imperialism in Russia, Crimea will be part of Ukraine – highly autonomous, as it is in the Ukrainian constitution. In my opinion, it will be very rich, it will be a great place for vacation – Koval said.

New episodes of the show “Tidaskalia” will be released every Sunday 19. As part of this series, a mini-series dealing with national politics called “Grey Didascalia” was created.

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