Germany. “Night Wolves” came to Berlin

Has so far come to the capital “Eighteen Terrible Motorcyclists” – “Built” suggests. According to the newspaper, on Monday, when it was planned to wear the evening at the memorial to the Soviet soldiers, There will be 150 motorcycles and cars.

More than 50 demonstrations and events are planned in Berlin on Sundays and Mondays to commemorate the surrender of Germany 77 years ago.

“Once again our police face a challenge” – Berlin senator for internal affairs quoted “Built” in the context of celebrations Iris Spranger. “This is a challenging situation,” he said. “You should not give a millimeter of space to support a war of aggression (in Ukraine),” he stressed.

Politicians are eagerly awaiting Sundays and Mondays. – We believe that the ‘night wolves’ who will shape the city landscape on May 8 and 9 are not car parades (with support for Russia) and other Putinists, but anti-Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian war veterans and human rights defenders. The man who recorded the protests, a Berlin politician from the CDU party, told Bildt Stephen Evers. “Anyway, the CDU will show its colors against the war in Berlin on May 8,” he added.

FDP Party Internal Policy Expert Jrn Jotso “The Senate must ensure that there is no civilian incitement or endorsement of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine,” the newspaper said.

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