Hungary’s Rebellion in NATO They do not want to participate in financial aid to Ukraine

– We are working on how we can act as a NATO member without participating in the alliance’s activities outside its borders, Orban said. He said that Hungary participates in the work of committees dealing with war planning, but They do not want to participate in financial or military aid to Ukraine.

– A new term was now coined to describe the Hungarian position: “non-participation”. “So we are now a non-participating country,” Orban said. According to him, Hungary is the most guided by the alliance’s “basic philosophy” of all NATO countries.

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Orban criticized Western aid to Ukraine

Orban’s government, a long-time critic of Western military aid to Kiev, blocked EUR 50 billion in EU financial aid to Ukraine until early February. Budapest opposes — without formally blocking — Ukraine’s integration with NATO and the EU and opposes the opening of accession talks between Brussels and Kiev.

Recently, Hungary has opposed strengthening NATO’s coordination role in transferring weapons to Ukraine and training Ukrainian soldiers.

In this regard, NATO’s proposal crosses “red lines” set by the alliance at the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjardo said in an interview with the Index website, calling plans to help Ukraine “crazy”. mission”.

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