Holy Saturday. The Pope came to the Mass at the Vatican

The service on Holy Saturday is the longest in the liturgical year. The solemn mass was held in the front hall of the Vatican Basilica with the ritual consecration of the fire and the preparation of the paschal candle, a large candle symbolizing the risen Christ. Then there was a procession with the paschal candle to the main pew of the temple.

During mass The Pope baptized eight elders: Four from Italy, two from South Korea and one each from Albania and Japan. People gather at St. Peter's Basilica About six Thousands of people.

Holy Saturday. Pope Francis spoke of a “longing for peace”.

In his address, the Pope referred to the image of the stone-covered tomb of Jesus. He recalled the women's question from the Gospel according to Saint Mark: “Who will roll away the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?”

– This stone, being an insurmountable obstacle, was a symbol of what women carried in their hearts, the end of their faith: everything collided with it, with the dark secret of tragic pain that prevented them from fulfilling their dreams – the Pope explained. . – Brothers and sisters, this can happen to us too. Sometimes we feel that the entrance of our heart is burdened by the grave, which suppresses life, extinguishes hope, traps us in the grave of fear and bitterness, blocks the path to joy and hope – he noted.

It is true, he added, “in the sufferings that touch us and the deaths of our loved ones, that leave us with a great emptiness; in the failures and fears that prevent us from doing all the good we desire; in all the closures that hinder the impulse of generosity, that do not allow us to open to love; selfishness.” And within the armored walls of indifference destroys the attempt to build fair cities and societies fit for man.

Then Francis said, “Longing for peaceCrushed by the cruelty of hatred and the brutality of war.” – When we experience these disappointments – he added – we also anxiously ask ourselves: who will roll away the stone from the tomb? – he said.

He spoke of a “flame” of hope and life for nations “broken by evil, withered by injustice, nations without a place, nations of martyrs.” – This is the Lord's Passover, this is the feast of the living.

Stations of the Cross in Rome. Pope Francis did not attend Mass

On Good Friday, Pope Francis celebrated a service at the Cathedral of St. Peter. The Holy Father was supposed to lead the Stations of the Cross 21 hours later, but minutes before it began, the Vatican press office said. “For the protection of the Pope's health” He observes the Stations of the Cross from St. Martha's House, where he lives.

The pope's absence from Friday's Stations of the Cross sparked concern among the faithful and the Italian media. “Even on Saturday afternoon, Franciszek's presence was expected, but it was understood that the decision would be made at the last minute. In the end, like last year, Prudence prevailed” – rated the daily “Courier della Sera”.

For its part, the Avvenire website cited a statement released by the Vatican that pointed to “reasons for caution.”

Health of Pope Francis

For more than a month, Franciszek was facing problems with his voice due to a respiratory infection he contracted. Because of his health, the Holy Father was unable to preach many times. Last Sunday.

His colleagues also read the texts of his speeches several times, but on Palm Sunday the sermon was omitted entirely and the Pope continued the service. In March, during one of his audiences, the Pope declared:- I was not healed and could not read the speech.

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“We are still a Christian country.” Buzek and Terlikowski in “Guest of Events.”/Bolsad news/Bolsad news

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