POW from Wagner group admits: “They’re treating us like cannon fodder”, “There are 20 of us capable of fighting” | World news

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Colonel Łukasiewicz: Russia’s political war will end with a political act

On Monday, the National Protest Center released a recording of a statement by one of Wagner’s supporters. Yevgeny Sysov said he voluntarily went ahead. He was posted to one of the penal colonies in August 2022, where he was serving a second prison term for theft.

A member of Wagner’s group admitted to agreeing to fight in Ukraine Evgeny Prigogine He told the Wagnerites that they would fight “the Americans and the Nazis.”

War in Ukraine. “Blue Thousand” Wagnerians

According to Chiso, of the thousand people who first arrived in Ukraine, only a few dozen managed to fight. Others died or were captured or lost limbs.

They call us the “Heavenly Thousand” because a thousand of our group of prisoners went to fight in Ukraine, and only about 20 are fit to fight.

He said in the previous video network.

As the prisoner explained, commanders treat mercenaries like “cannon fodder.” – Out of a thousand people, only about a hundred survived, including the wounded. (…) About 500 soldiers died in one place alone, he said.

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Russia. 50,000 along with 10,000 prisoners were sent forward.

Of the 50,000, the “Sitting Ruthenia” organization reported whom he was punishing Russia Sent to war with Ukraine, only 10,000 men remained at the front. The rest died or deserted. Human rights activists recalled that prisoners were recruited into the mercenaries of a private military company called the Wagner Group.

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Olga Romanova, director of Sitting Ruthenia, admitted that there is no accurate information about the fate of criminals fighting against Ukraine. According to the latest data, about 50,000 soldiers were recruited into the mercenary force. Prisoners. How many of them left, how many laid down their arms and surrendered to the Ukrainians, how many died? It is unknown. However, according to data available to “Sitting Ruthenia”, only about 10,000 people were at the front. Criminals.

Olga Romanova believes that the Wagner group treats prisoners like cannon fodder, does not keep statistics, and adds all the missing to the list of the dead. The practice of giving empty coffins to relatives is proof of this.

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