Helicopter crashes in UK They have no chance of survival – o2

The tragic accident happened at noon on Monday, June 20th. The helicopter crashed on Bentham Road near Yorkshire Tales National Park. Authorities said two people were traveling with the machine.

A tragedy in Great Britain. Two killed in helicopter crash

Emergency services immediately rushed to the scene. In addition to the four fire trucks, an air ambulance service was called.

However, the injured could not be helped. The pilot and the helicopter passenger were killed instantly.

The helicopter crashed into the field. Police have launched an investigation

Uknip.co.uk quoted its informants as saying the dead were from Ukraine. However, other British media outlets did not confirm the news.

The cause of the tragedy is not yet known. Authorities have launched an investigation to help determine the circumstances of the incident.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said residents were advised to avoid the area until the investigation was completed.

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