He took the vial of cyanide and swallowed it in front of the judges. “I reject such judgment”

  • On July 17, 1998, at the UN meeting in Rome, the Rome Statute was adopted, on the basis of which the International Criminal Court was established.
  • Since July 1, 2002, the ICC has been investigating war crimes and crimes against humanity. One of the most famous cases handled by the organization was the conviction of Croatian leader Slobodan Braljak
  • After hearing the verdict on appeal, Braljak became famous after swallowing poison. The Croatian was sentenced to 20 years in prison
  • More interesting information can be found on the Onet home page

The Slobodan Praljak case is one of the most famous in the history of the International Criminal Court, which was established exactly 25 years ago based on the Rome Statute adopted on July 17, 1998. 120 countries around the world signed this document. One of them is Russia, which, after 18 years, left at the behest of Vladimir Putin.

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