Ukraine wants to have planes in its airspace

According to the head of government, this decision Stabilizes the situation in the aviation market And chance guaranteed Return to the country Ukrainian citizens currently abroad.

Earlier on Sunday, the Ministry of Infrastructure promised Ukraine’s airspace remains openAnd the authorities will provide additional guarantees to the carriers.

Most airlines continue to operate without interruption – The ministry promised in a statement on Sunday. He also noted that some carriers are experiencing difficulties due to “fluctuations” in the insurance market.

Portal Sources Ukrainian truth International said From February 14, insurance companies will stop insuring flights flying to Ukraine In connection with the danger of war operations. So – like writing a website – Carriers will be forced to cancel flights.

This decision has been taken due to the information tension in the world media Potential danger from Russia to Ukraine – Underlines the Ukrainian Pravda.

Saturday, a Dutch carrier KLM has announced a temporary halt to flights to Kiev. On Sunday, a Ukrainian Skype flight arrived in Kiev from Madeira Forced to land in Chisinau Due to the needs of the lessee and the international insurance companies, Ukrainian Truth writes.

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