He revealed Viktor Orban’s salary. “Out of proportion”

– Hungarian Prime Minister Viktoa Orban’s monthly salary is high by European standards, said expert Peter Paksky of the Hungarian portal G7. It turns out that in this country there is a huge disparity between the income of citizens and the income of the head of government.

Viktor Orban’s salary Peter Paksky revealed this in a statement for RTL television. – He gets a monthly salary 6.3 million forints (approximately PLN 70,000)This is high by European standards – he commented.

Vicor Orban’s earnings. Is Hungary’s Prime Minister Rich?

Although Orbán is not the highest-earning European head of government, he is earning in Hungary A huge disparity between the Prime Minister’s income and the average standard of living of citizens.

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Orban’s salary increased in mid-2023 More than 620 thousand forints (currently PLN 6.9 thousand) – up to the amount of 4.18 million forints (PLN 46.2 thousand). In addition to this amount, Orban receives another amount Parliamentary Diet.

However, it is official PM’s savings are very small – Consider the Hungarian media. This year, Orban announced 10 million forints (PLN 111,000), 4 million forints less than last year.

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In Hungary, the Prime Minister’s salary is linked to the Speaker of Parliament’s salary Increases automatically as the average salary increases Total.

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