Half-Life 2 will soon get ray tracing

GPU manufacturer Nvidia has announced plans to re-master Valve’s 2004 first-person shooter, with full ray tracing. Half life 2 On August 22nd. The development will be handled by countless half life 2 Mod teams, including those that have been made Half-Life 2: Virtual Realityunited under Orbifold’s new studioand it will be issued free of charge.

Half life 2 rtxwhich is “at an early stage of development,” Nvidia’s blog says posted on its siteIt doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s based on the free mod platform that hasn’t been released by the tech company either RTX Remix. With its “latest release,” Nvidia says, Orbifold is “reconstructing Materials with Physical Display (PBR) properties, adding additional geometry detail via Valve’s Hammer editor, and leveraging NVIDIA technologies including full ray tracing, DLSS 3, Reflex, and RTX “. IO to deliver a great experience for GeForce RTX gamers.

Trailer showing amazing improvements to the environments Indicates as much. But before any die-hard fans get dizzy about changing their favorite game, it seems likely that, when Half life 2 rtx versions, it would be hard to find a computer that could handle it.

The free modding project that Nvidia launched earlier this summer, Portal: Introduction to RTXcurrently has a “Mostly Negative” review rating. on Steam Due to frequent crashes (and bad puzzles).

“I thought I’d give this one a try,” says the top-voted review. “I have 13900 thousand, 4090 [GPU]64GB of RAM and the latest drivers and patches. No, the game ran for about 10 seconds before it froze due to the stuttering sound.

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But, as you know, we are talking about free mods. There are few meaningful setbacks to try Half life 2 rtx Once it’s released, especially as a source article, says Riley MacLeod with Delphi Pronunciation in 2016 Kotaku Review, is “a place more than a game.”

He writes, “It creates a player who is in control, who can easily navigate the game world to do whatever they want to do, and feel confident and empowered, all the words games fly over themselves to promise us now.”

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