This new PS5 controller is so good I can never go back to the DualSense Edge

I’ve said it more than once around these parts: I shouldn’t be allowed near money anywhere. The combination of spending money on gaming-focused technology and then living on the cheapest of cheap microwave meals is not a lifestyle I would recommend to anyone living like a real adult. That’s a roundabout way of saying I’m a lifelong PlayStation fan and willingly purchased not one, but two, DualSense Edge controllers. And now I may never be able to touch any of those $199 gamepads again.

entrance Nacon Revolution 5 Pro. Sony’s officially licensed controller is a great peripheral that I’ve gradually become obsessed with over the past few weeks. For my money, it outperforms the Edge in some key areas, although it’s hard to deny that the DualSense parent has the upper hand in some scenarios. (And also forgive me for patting myself on the back for not using an easy pun at the end of that last sentence.)

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