Hackers complied with the threat. Documents on Iran’s nuclear program leaked

The Black Rewards group said Friday it had hacked Iran’s nuclear production and development email system and threatened to release documents if the government continued its crackdown on dissent. He informed the portal “The Jerusalem Post” that a total of 50 GB of data was obtained.

The hackers warned that the Islamic Republic would release the data obtained within 24 hours if it did not release all political prisoners and detained protesters.

“The published documents include Iran Nuclear Production and Development Company contracts with domestic and foreign partners, schedules for the management and operation of the Buszehr power plant, identity data and documents related to the salaries of the company’s engineers and employees. Passports and visas of Iranian and Russian specialists of the Buszehr power plant” – He told the group on social media.

Protests have been ongoing in Iran since mid-September; Then it exploded Death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, was arrested by the charity police. After being arrested for “inappropriate headgear,” the woman fell into a coma under unclear circumstances and died in hospital; According to the family, Amini was assaulted by the authorities.

Political scientists assess the protests as the most serious challenge to the regime since the wave of protests and riots that swept the country in 2009.

At least 122 people were killed by security forces, according to human rights groups

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