Great Britain: A Discovery from the Middle Ages. There is an inscription on the gold ring

An extraordinary discovery was made Near Frinton in Essex In England. The words on the ring are in French, and a metal detector helped find it.

The ring was hidden underground approximately 50 meters from a previously discovered gold-plated tag from Tudor times. The same researcher is responsible for extracting centuries-old objects from the ground.

Gold ring with inscription. It was too small, and still worn by a man

As historian Lori Rogerson notes, the inscription on the ring reads: “I wish to serve you.” According to her, both the gold-plated object and the question mark disappeared simultaneously. The ring is damaged and cracked, And a second artifact used to join one layer of the skirt to another was damaged.

The historian also emphasized that the ring was too small. She fixed it on her little finger only. However, it must be worn by a man.

The ring belonged to a representative of the elite

In 1400-1500, rings with engraved French knightly inscriptions were fashionable – BBC reports. In the original French, then used in England, the inscription reads: “Je desir vous Ceruir”.

Rogerson also explained that at the time, anyone who could afford a gold ring was among the literate elite. The motto “I want to serve you” or “I want to obey you” is often used by men to reassure women. Within the tradition of courtly love.

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